Check-In & Check-Out

Check-In Time: 3:00pm-11:00pm
Check-Out Time: 8:00-10:00

Group Reservations (Seven Guests or More)

If your group consists of seven people or more, please Contact Us

Cancellation Policy

Upon cancellation of a reservation, the guest will be charged cancellation charge as listed below.
If the reservation is canceled more than four days before the intended check-in day: no charge.
If the reservation is canceled two or three days before the intended check-in day: 50% of the one night price of accommodation.
If the reservation is canceled the day before or on the intended check-in day: 100% of the one night price of accommodation.
If no notice is received of cancellation: 100% of the TOTAL price of accommodation.
Please ask us about cancellation charge of a group reservation (7 people or more).


All the rooms have the same type of beds which are hand-made wooden bunk beds.
Each bed has a security box, a small table, and a reading lamp.

Twin Rooms

There is one set of bunk beds in a twin room.
There also are a mirror and a small table with two chairs, thus two people can relax together.

Rooms for Four

There are two sets of bunk beds in a room for four people.
There also are a mirror and a small table with chairs, thus you can relax together.

Rooms for Six

There are three sets of bunk beds in a room for six people.
There also are a mirror and a big table with chairs, thus your group can relax together.

A Female Dormitory for Six

There is a dormitory for female only.
There is a full-length mirror to make it easier to dress-up in the dormitory.

A Mixed Dormitory for Ten

There is a dormitory for mixed, which accommodates 10 people and is the largest room of Little Japan.
You can also reserve the whole entire room.

A Lounge

There is a lounge with tatami mats for overnight guests.
We also have the library space where you can plan your trip as well as sit down and enjoy reading.
Overnight guests can use a fridge, a kettle and a microwave at the lounge.


Each room does not have a toilet and a shower room, thus please use the common bathrooms.
Mixed shower booths are fully separated for individuals. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided in each booth.
Shower Booths: Open 24 Hours
Hair Dryers: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

Public Baths

There are three public baths within a five-minute walk from Little Japan,
including “Tsuruno Yu” which is one minute away.
If you go a little further to Asakusa, there are many more public baths.

Services for Free

a security box
shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
a hair dryer
luggage storage before check-in and after check-out
a fridge, a kettle, and a microwave

Service Fees

Lunch and Dinner: 600 JPY + α
A Padlock: 500 JPY as deposit
Earplugs, a Bath Towel, a Toothbrush: 100 JPY for each
Bicycle Leasing: 500 JPY for four hrs., 1,000 JPY for one day
Late Check-In: Ask Us
Late Check-Out: Ask Us






Q1:Can I leave my luggage before check-in and after check-out?
We store your luggage for free. Please contact us from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, when our front desk is available.
We also can store your luggage till your next stay at Little Japan, if the reservation is already made.


Q2:Does Little Japan have a curfew?
There is no curfew. From 11:00pm to 8:00am, our front desk is closed and the main entrance is locked, thus please use the back door with the security code which is provided when you check-in. Please be mindful when you come back late at night.


Q3:Can three of us stay at a Twin Room which is for two people?
A twin room is for two people. Please reserve three beds for three people.
In the case of sharing one bed with an adult and a child under age of six, it is counted as one person and a child can stay for free.
If you have special circumstances, please contact us in advance of your stay.

Q4:Can children stay? Can I share a bed with my child?
Children aged 13 and over can stay alone without a guardian.
Children under age of 12 can stay with a guardian when a room is fully booked by your party.


Q5:Can I send my luggage in advance?
We can accept luggage from one day before your check-in.
Please follow the instructions below when you send luggage.
– Send it with freight prepaid.
– Include your reservation name and check-in date as a shipping address.
– Make luggage arrive on the date of check-in as much as possible.
– Ask the front desk when you check-in in order to receive your shipped luggage.


Q6:Is there a convenience store nearby Little Japan?
There is a “Seven-Eleven” within 30-second walk.


Q7:Is there a washing machine?
There is no machine at Little Japan, but a laundromat is within 30 second walk.
– A Drying Machine for 16kg: 100JPY for 10 mins
– A Washing Machine for 9kg: 400 JPY for 30 mins
– A Washer Dryer Combo for 15kg: 1300 JPY


Q8:Is there a parking lot?
A parking place run by other company is right next to Little Japan. Little Japan does not own a parking lot.

 8:00 am – 10:00 pm : 200 JPY for 20 mins
 10:00 pm – 8:00am : 100 JPY for 60 mins

 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on Mon to Sat: 2,500 JPY
 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sun and Holidays : 1,200 JPY
 10:00 pm to 8:00 am on any day: 500 JPY