Little Guest House Little Japan is where Japanese and travelers from all over the world can meet and interact.

Our cafe/bar is located on the 1st floor, while guest accommodations are from 2nd to 4th floors.

Locals also come to the cafe/bar as well as our traveler guests, which will provide a great opportunity for you to chat with them and find out must to see and do in the neighborhood. You can also learn about Japanese culture.

Even if you can’t speak Japanese, there is no worry. Our staff will be there to help you.

Fair trade & hand-roasted coffee

The cafe is open at lunchtime, and we provide foods with excellent coffee.

We will roast coffee at our cafe to ensure fresh and rich flavors of our favorite coffee from Laos. You can enjoy flavor changes deriving from various ways of roast and serve.

At night time, the cafe turns into a bar where we serve alcohol, appetizers and daily dinner specials.

Design Office on the 1st floor

Besides the cafe/bar, there is a space providing information to make your stay in Japan more interesting.

Locals and traveler from various parts of the world can discuss and design so many things, starting from travel plans in Japan to community development of the Asakusabashi area, Tokyo.

Renewal of the abandoned houses

We started our guest house, Little Japan, because we wanted to put abandoned houses to practical use.

There are many abandoned houses in Japan due to a declining population. Meanwhile, the number of visitors to Japan from overseas is increasing.

If we can change the abandoned houses into livable accommodations, they will become great resource to benefit many people. Little Japan is our first step to make the best use of these abandoned houses.

Rethink the local resources in Japan

What makes you to come to Japan?

We would like to know about what attracts people to Japan from overseas.

Connecting Japan’s attractions and potentials with people would create a new community-based business with rich local resources.


Profile of the representative

Michio Yunoki. Michio used to work for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, starting from 2008. He resigned from the job in the end of January 2017 to focus on his guest house plans.

Working at the national government and facing many strategies the government made, Michio found that the fundamental issue is that there is a lack of those who realize the development strategies.

To become one of those who take actions, Michio Yunoki established “Little Japan” in February 2017. And now “Guest House Little Japan” is going to open in April 2017, where he makes full use of his past experiences of community development and living overseas.